WATCH: What Some Americans Don't Know About Memorial Day

Everyone knows what Memorial Day is about, right?

Well, not quite according to a nationwide survey of about 2,000 Americans.

The poll was released this past week and commissioned by researchers at the University of Phoenix.

According to the survey, about 30-percent of Americans incorrectly believe that Memorial Day is a holiday for all U.S. military veterans when in fact it is the day that we remember and honors those in the military who have lost their lives while serving their country.

Veterans Day in November is the day we recognize all those who have and are serving in the military.

The survey found that 36% of people even admitted they struggle when it comes to differentiating between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

The survey also found that fewer people know the real meaning of Memorial Day than they used to.Last year’s same survey found that 55% of respondents were able to correctly define what Memorial Day is about.

Maybe the change can be chalked up to a lot of Americans right now caught up in mostly thinking about only one thing this Memorial Day and that’s about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

But that may even be better reason today to think about not only those heroes who have died in wars defending our freedom, but all the many heroes on the front lines of the COVID war we are fighting, some of whom have fallen in that battle.

Let’s remember them too on this Memorial Day of 2020.

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(Photo credit; Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma. 10News)

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