How Different Will Schools Be When They Open?

In normal years, this is the time when schools are at or nearing the end of their school year and kids and parents are planning summer vacations.

But in this abnormal year, schools ended classroom instruction what feels like a year’s worth of weeks ago and summer vacation plans will depend on how things go with the virus.

Most of the attention now has started to focus on when schools will open again and what they will be like when they do.

School districts are talking about all the ways to keep kids from spreading the virus and of course bringing it home to their parents which is what happens with colds and flu every year.,

But in a different kind of year with a different kind of virus that has no vaccine yet, things are expected to be very different when school does resume, which is expected late this summer or early fall.

An L-A Times report, based on talking to school districts, describes what school could look like; Sixteen students to a class. One-way hallways. Students eat lunch at their desks. Children could get one ball to play with — alone. Face masks are required. And a staggered school day.

The Governor and California’s Department of Public Health are releasing guidelines for schools this week those could provide what school in California will be like when they do open again.

But one thing’s for sure, in addition to the usual subjects taught in school, kids, parent s and teachers will be learning about how to make adjustments for a while and how to get through it all together, but just not too close together.

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