Man Says He Broke Into San Diego Bank To Heat Up Hot Pockets VIDEO

Early Wednesday morning, a man broke into a Wells Fargo bank in the Lincoln Park area of San Diego to use their microwave to heat up some Hot Pockets.

Police received a burglary alarm and were called to the Market Creek Plaza on Euclid Avenue where they found a broken window in the drive through section of the bank. The bank's security company was monitoring the situation inside the bank and confirmed that the man who broke in was still inside. Officers called out to the trespasser asking him to come out, but he refused. After forcing entry, the police found the man next to the bank's vault where they took him into custody.

During his arrest, a reporter who had arrived on the scene asked the suspect if it was worth it, and he said "Hell yeah it's worth it. F--k yeah, it's worth it. For a Hot Pocket, hell yeah." The man told police that he is homeless and was just hungry.