Can Getting Through Pandemic Together Bring Us Together?

We’ve been hearing it and saying it since shortly after we first heard of the coronavirus.

We’re all in this together.’ We’ve heard it said before during other times of crisis in the past, from World War II to 9-11 to the Great Recession and now the great pandemic crisis.

More than 100-thousand Americans dead from the virus, many of them our parents, grandparents and great grandparents who went through some of the past crises in our nation together.

But as we’ve been going through this latest crisis together, it also has revealed that we may not be the nation that is as together as we might think.

There is still great division out there. As we praise and thank the health care workers in the front lines of the battle to save lives, there are those, among our leaders and some among us all, who attack the doctors and medical experts in our government who are leading the fight.

And there are those among our political leaders who fight with each other about how to handle the crisis instead of working together to solve it.

And now as we watch the burning of buildings in Minneapolis and protests in some other cities as well over the death of a black man while in the custody of white police officers, we are reminded that there is still much division in our country.

We should hope and pray that going through this pandemic together, we will learn how to be more together in solving the problems that still tear us apart.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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