Sunday Protests Shut Down Streets in Downtown San Diego

A crowd of protesters rallied in downtown San Diego Sunday in front of the Hall of Justice before moving down streets and onto Interstate 5 resulting in a closure on the freeway and Coronado Bridge.

It's a second day of demonstrations in San Diego by crowds demanding justice for George Floyd, a black man who died during an arrest by a white police officer in Minneapolis last Monday. Chants calling for police and justice reform echo calls being heard in demonstrations nationwide over the past few days.

Today's march began Sunday morning in front of the Hall of Justice before moving towards Little Italy and the crowds splitting with some people in front of SDPD Headquarters and others walking towards I-5.

As of 3pm, the demonstrators were still in downtown San Diego with police officers standing by. Watch continuing coverage from our media partner, 10News.

A protest in La Mesa yesterday began peacefully but before the night ended, Interstate 8 was shut for a while as a crowd moved onto the freeway and some local businesses looted and burned. Today people spent hours working to clean up the damage left.

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