A Night of Protests in Downtown San Diego Ends With Arrests

A local emergency was declared in San Diego County Sunday in response to area protests that resulted in vandalism, arson and looting and ended with the arrest of more than 100 people.

Several cities including La Mesa, Poway and El Cajon issued curfews. The County is asking the Governor to declare a state of emergency in the county.

Hundreds of protesters gathered Sunday afternoon outside the San Diego Hall of Justice calling for an end to police brutality. The protests were mostly peaceful through the day, at one point I-5 and the Coronado Bridge was shut down to traffic as the crowd worked its way through the area.

When night fell, some downtown businesses were looted, small fires started and rocks were thrown at officers. San Diego Mayor Faulconer tweeted this message, "Peaceful protesters march because they care about our community, justice and accountability. Looters and rioters do not. We won't stand for anyone hijacking this moment to perpetuate violence. The city will keep working to maintain order.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Story Source: CNS

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