WATCH: Rumors in the Midst of Protests as La Mesa Recovers

When things are happening the way things have been happening, some things happen shouldn’t have to happen.

The things that are happening, of course, are the protests and the worries about more possible violence by that small minority whose motivation is not for good but for evil.

The other things that are happening are all the rumors that are being spread just like a virus thanks to social media.

And just like we’ve seen with the virus, rumors can cause more problems.

As some cities in San Diego County have ordered and now extended nighttime curfews, there are rumors on line about things that are going to happen or may happen and it all only make things worse.

Rumors that lead to worries and lead to reports of stores or offices closing or even boarding up because they hear something is coming.

After what happened in La Mesa last weekend, with lots of stores and businesses being broken into, looted and even burned, you can understand taking precautions. And you can understand why National Guard members will be patrolling parts of La Mesa.

But some rumors can be spread by those with evil intentions in an effort to stir things up.

Well, things are already pretty stirred up…and at a time when we’ve already seen how rumors during these many weeks of the pandemic shutdown have led to false or misleading information and untruths that make us worry even more.And that’s not what we need.

WATCH BELOW: City of La Mesa Wednesday news conference.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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