City and County Announce Re-Opening of Lakes and Reservoirs

San Diego Mayor Faulconer and county officials have announced the full reopening of lakes and reservoirs under the city’s jurisdiction that had previously been closed in response to the global pandemic.

“A lot of San Diegans have a passion for fishing and boating, and we’ve been able to partner with the County to reopen all of our lakes and reservoirs to the public. I want to thank City Councilmember Scott Sherman, County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, and Poway Mayor Steve Vaus for working with us to get this done," said Faulconer in a statement.

The reopening schedule is as follows:

  • El Capitan Reservoir –Saturday, June 6
  • Upper Otay Reservoir –Saturday, June 6
  • San Vicente Reservoir –Saturday, June 13
  • Lake Hodges Reservoir –Wednesday, July 1
  • Sutherland Reservoir –Friday, July 3
  • Barrett Reservoir –Wednesday, July 8

These reservoirs join three others that were previously reopened in mid-May: Miramar, Murray and Lower Otay. New safety and cleaning protocols recently introduced as the City reopened Miramar, Murray and Lower Otay reservoirs are still in place. The reservoirs will be open during regular business hours for walking, jogging, cycling, fishing and boating. Normal fishing and boating fees will apply.

Both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors will need to approve the agreement.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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