How Face Masks Have Become Part of Us

No one could have predicted that we would all be wearing face masks as we start summer in San Diego.

But now that we’ve been doing it for a while, we’ve been getting more used to it. Wearing face masks is now part of what’s called the new normal, for now.

When your two little granddaughters are telling their grandmother what Disney characters they want her to use for the cloth material she’s using to make them custom face masks, you know masks have become part of the culture in 2020.

And with so many people making their own masks, there’s a new study out about what makes the best face mask.

Researchers suggest that cotton cloth masks with several layers of protection are the best option. That’s especially true for keeping the wearer’s germs away from other people. Says one researcher, “The point is not that some particles can penetrate the mask, but that some particles are stopped, particularly outwardly, from the wearer.”

As health officials have been telling us, wearing masks is more about protecting others, but in protecting others, we all protect each other.

And now with a lot more businesses, stores, offices and other places opening up, and a lot of us getting out more, wearing face masks still needs to be part of this new normal life for a while, no matter what characters you have on the cloth used in making your mask.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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