How to be Happier During the Pandemic

Going thru the coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected everyone’s life in some way has a lot of us looking forward to happier times.

Especially when you find your life stuck in pause mode for the last three months, not being able to go out much, having to stay away from people who you don’t want to stay away from, and having to deal with temporary or even permanent loss of your job or your business.

A new survey may have some tips on how we can all be happier.

Researchers polled about 2,000 Americans and found that people who consider themselves spontaneous are 40-percent more likely to see themselves as a happy person.

Those who describe themselves as spontaneous are also 38-percent more likely to say they are content with their life.The survey asked people how often they act spontaneously, examples of which were trying out a new place for lunch or dinner or taking a different route home, and they found the average person made 18 such spontaneous decisions every day.

Now if you’re a person who plans everything, you’re not going to pay much attention to this survey and being spontaneous might make you less happy.

But all of us in some way, living this pandemic, the stay at home orders and shutdowns over these many weeks have most likely discovered some things about ourselves maybe we didn’t know…and about the important things in life that truly can make us happy.

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