San Diego's Summer of Pandemic Patience

With the summer season now underway here in Southern California, it’s not the news we want.

The headlines in the San Diego Union Tribune this morning tell the story we don’t want to read, U.S Suffering Big Resurgence of Coronavirus, County Posts Another Record for COVID Cases.

Of course with most summer events already cancelled, this summer was not going to be what we had hoped it would be, a summer with all the things we’re all used to in San Diego, from the County Fair to Comic Con and lots more.

And now with the rising number of cases of the virus in California, we could be facing a slower opening of the economy than we had hoped.

The news from the governor this week so far has not been encouraging, with a record number of new cases in California. And according to an L-A Times analysis,what are described as four suburban Southern California counties — Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside — are among those primarily responsible for a dangerous rise in hospitalizations. And while San Diego County is doing better, it is a warning that it’s easy to fall back.

As the public health officer in Ventura County put it, “It’s like we’re cheating on our diet, and angry or baffled that we can’t lose weight,”

Like a diet, this pandemic of 2020 is testing our patience and our will power. But like a diet, when we get through it, we will be better off for it.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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