Will Working From Home be New Normal After Pandemic?

In case you’ve lost track of time during this time when the pandemic clock, keeps on ticking, it has been 14 weeks now since the Governor issued the stay at home order.

March 19th will go down as the day that life began to change in 2020.

Shortly after that date, businesses began to close, kids left school one day and didn’t go back, churches went on line, many employees were furloughed and lots of offices sent their workers home to work from home.

And now a new report says many of those who have been working from home all this time, like it and may just keep doing it.But just as many say they’re not happy working from home and want to get back into the office.

A survey of some 800 employees found that just under half said they’d want to continue working from home in a post-pandemic world, but that means the otter half wouldn’t.

A San Diego Union Tribune survey on Twitter, 55 percent said they’d love to keep working from home while 45 percent said they’d miss the office.

And some small businesses have decided that spending money to maintain office space, and as long as the pandemic is around, to do all the things they need to do to keep it safe for the health of employees, working from home makes financial sense.

But there is no one answer for everyone. As a commercial real estate broker told the Union Tribune, “There is no single truth out there. Some people are working just fine. Others are miserable.”

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