San Diego County Sets Another New Record for Coronavirus Cases

San Diego County health officials reported Sunday 497 new positive cases of the coronavirus, the highest number since the pandemic began.


  • A record 497 new cases were reported in San Diego County for a total of 13,334.
  • 1,747 or 13.1% of cases have required hospitalization.
  • 479 or3.6% of all cases and 27.4% of hospitalized cases had to be admitted to an intensive care unit.


  • One death was reported today, and the region’s total is now361.
  • The woman was in her early 60s and had one or more underlying health conditions. 

Community Outbreaks:

  • In the past seven days, 8 community outbreaks were identified; two more than yesterday. 
  • The number of community outbreaks is above the trigger of seven in seven days.


  • 8,301 tests were reported to the County June 27 and 6% were positive new cases.
  • The 14-day rolling average percentage of positive tests is3.9%.

(Photo credit San Diego County Newscenter)

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