New Study on What the Virus Has Done to Us

From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been told in a lot of the messaging that we’re all in this together.

While it’s affecting all of us in some away, a new study shows that not everyone is together on this.

A new study from the Ohio State University shows the evidence of how quickly the coronavirus became a polarizing topic in American politics.

Researchers analyzed more than 30,000 tweets sent out by members of Congress concerning COVID-19 early on in the pandemic from mid-January to the end of March.

The algorithm used by the study’s authors were able to identify the political affiliation of each tweet’s author 76-percent of the time based on nothing but the message’s content and date.

Among all the analyzed tweets, only 31% were classified as crossing party boundaries.

And now we see it and hear it and read about it every day, as coronavirus, and the stay at home orders and the face masks have become topics for yet another political fight among our politicians.

At times of crisis in the past, there have been times when we are more united. But when it comes to the coronavirus crisis, it is clear we are far from being united about what to do, where to go and what to wear.

We may all be in this together, but we’re still far apart.

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