Remembering Our Marines After a Deadly Training Accident

People hearing about the tragic accident involving Marines off the coast of San Diego might be asking how this could have happened.

Investigators will be working on that after they make sure they have exhausted all efforts to rescue or find those missing.

But sadly these accidents during training do happen from time to time.

While Marines are the best trained military warriors there are, tragedies can occur.

And when they do, they are reminders of why those who choose to serve and defend our country are special people, who are called to a special duty.

Being a Marine is an honor but it also means you know that serving your country by being one means danger at times even when it appears routine.

Living in San Diego, we have the privilege of knowing Marines and the kind of people they are.

Driving along the 5 freeway through Camp Pendleton, we often can see the Marines training on the beach, on the ground and in the air preparing to do their jobs whenever they are called on and wherever in the world it may be.

With what has happened today, the next time you pass by Camp Pendleton; don’t pass by without remembering these Marines and being thankful for all the other Marines who are out there, somewhere, dedicated to protecting us.

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(Photo credit Getty Images)