The First Day of School From a Distance

Today is the first day of school in the first school district in the county and among the first in the state to start school.

And of course with the current coronavirus public health orders, starting school doesn’t mean what it usually means; filling the kids’ backpacks and heading out the door for the walk, drive, or bus ride to their school..

No, the start of school this year means you get up and get ready to turn on the computer, laptop or tablet and begin the first day of school from a distance, from home.They call it distance learning.

And starting today, distance learning gets underway in the Sweetwater Union High School District with the junior high and high school kids and their parents learning how distance learning works.

It’s a lot more structured than what the distance learning was like in the spring when schools had to suddenly close with little or no time for teachers and school districts to come up with distance learning plans.

On the first day of school, kids, teachers and parents are always a little nervous, but with school starting distance learning style, everyone is probably even more nervous.

Will kids learn as well? Will teachers teach as well? Will parents be able to make the adjustments necessary involving their home life and work life?

At a time when we’re all a little nervous about the virus, this first day of school in Sweetwater Union and in San Diego Unified and other districts to follow this month, it’s a good time for kids and teachers, parents and grandparents to remember that if we all are indeed in this together, we have to learn to lean on each other, and we will together, get through this.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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