The Crackdown Over the Pandemic Shutdown

Slowing the surge. Stopping the spread. Socially distance. Some of the phrases that have become common during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now you can add this one to the list: Cracking Down.

With the news about the owner of a gym in Ramona being charged by the D-A’s office with misdemeanors for ignoring the state’s shutdown order, this fitness center operator of 20 years, is the first business owner in the county to face formal criminal charges.

And there is word from the county that there are other referrals to the district attorney for charges against some other business owners that are pending.

And this news comes after, the county’s code enforcement officials served closure notices or cease-and-desist orders to gyms in Pacific Beach, Vista and Oceanside for continuing to operate indoors.

So it would appear a crackdown on those who ignore the shutdown is underway.

On Monday, Governor Newsom thanked the vast majority of businesses in California that are following the public health orders for doing all they can to keep their employees and customers safe.

But the governor also said there are a few businesses around the state that are not following the orders and that state and county officials will take enforcement action if necessary to get them to comply.

Those in government say they just want to save lives. Those who own businesses say they’re just trying to survive.

And all of us just want to get through this so we can put the pandemic behind us.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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