DeMaio Report: Newsom Threatens Parents with Penalties for Hiring Tutors

While Governor Gavin Newsom issues directives closing schools across the state, he’s also stepping up enforcement on a new law that imposes stiff penalties on parents who hire tutors to teach their students at home. 

A coalition of parents, teachers and education advocates led by KOGO’s Carl DeMaio and his statewide political action committee Reform California is calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to immediately SUSPEND the law in question (AB-5) as it relates to at-home tutors and teachers. 

Under a new law (AB-5) that went into effect January 1, 2020, parents who hire tutors to work at home would have to pay them as employees, not independent contractors. AB-5 imposes stiff penalties on any business or individual caught violating the onerous law. 

Most parents are not aware of this legal requirement and complying with AB-5 would impose undue burden on parents who are simply trying to help keep their children on pace for learning during the Covid-19 shutdowns of local schools.

“Parents are already struggling with the state’s arbitrary decision to close the schools and now Governor Newsom is threatening them with penalties if they opt to hire tutors to help their children during this difficult time,” said Carl DeMaio. 

“Governor Newsom needs to send a clear message to parents that hiring tutors is permitted by immediately suspending AB-5 as it relates to at-home tutors and teachers,” DeMaio concluded.

DeMaio and the statewide coalition have launched a petition that calls on the Governor to suspend AB-5 as it relates to teachers and tutors. DeMaio will be joined by parents and teachers today on his radio show on NewsRadio 600 KOGO.

You can sign the petition and share it with your friends here:

You can view the video from the press conference here:

NOTE: This post references Carl DeMaio’s personal endorsement of a political or policy initiative which should not be taken as an official policy or position of the station or iHeartMedia. 

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