The Puzzling Piece of the Pandemic

Now almost five months since the first of the stay at home orders, if you’re a parent, you’re probably still trying to find the best ways to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on your family.

Not only doing what you can to keep you and your kids safe from the virus, but also dealing with the fallout on yours and your kids’ emotional and mental health.

This may be back to school month, but it’s from a distance, still with your kids at home and, if you’re working, it is still often from home.

Or maybe you’re one of those essential workers who has to manage the stress of doing all the things you have to do to keep yourself and your family healthy as you go to and from work.

And with the kids starting school this month not in the classroom but at home, it can be hard to juggle schedules and life.

A new study suggests that doing jigsaw puzzles can help you and your kids.

The study says that jigsaw puzzles not only can be fun and something to keep everyone busy while stuck at home, they also can help your child’s development and learning skills.

The researchers call completing jigsaw puzzles a “foundation” for future drawing and writing skills.

A lot of arts and crafts have become more popular during these many months at home, which isn’t all that puzzling, but doing a jigsaw puzzle apparently can help your kids learn even if they’re not in the classroom right now.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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