How Far is Too Far When It Comes to Enforcing Public Health Orders?

The number of new cases of the coronavirus is on a downward trend in San Diego County, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going to come off the state’s watch list anytime very soon.

With California’s Secretary of Health and Human Services saying a technical problem with the electronic system that’s supposed to keep an accurate count of new cases of the virus, not doing that and leading to an undercount of cases, everything is on hold for now.

Coming off the list is what schools and some businesses are hoping for soon, if not now.Coming off the list means restrictions are eased.

But no one really knows until we all know if we can count on the count.

Of course, when schools and other places can open up, the coronavirus will still be around and that will mean the orders to wear face coverings and socially distance are not going away for a while.

While most people and places are complying, there are a few that are not.And that’s why County officials have stepped up enforcement of the public health orders with cease-and-desist orders and even misdemeanor criminal charges in one case so far.

Some say that’s going too far. And have started legal action.

Others, say it’s not going far enough, with that Del Mar council member pushing for a one-thousand-dollar fine for not wearing a mask.

One thing is for sure. The end of the virus is still way too far off to think we can get back to normal soon…even if we all desperately want to!


(Photo credit Getty Images)

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