County Trying to Keep Falling Coronavirus Numbers From Going Up

The numbers of the County’s COVID-19 cases are going down but the battles over the public health orders appear to be going up.

While the huge majority of businesses are complying with the orders to not operate indoors and while the vast majority of individuals are wearing masks when they’re supposed to, there are those who are not.

And they’re not happy about being told they have to.

Several gyms have received notices in recent weeks, and two have been issued citations which mean charges and possible penalties. But their fight to stay open goes on

There are those hundreds of people who’ve been gathering in an Ocean Beach park without masks and don’t adhere to social distancing and some of them are angry and yelled some pretty nasty things at city officials this week.

And there are a few churches here and there that are not happy about not being able to have normal worship again, and more legal fights may be near.

State and county health officials and local law enforcement have said from the start they don’t want to charge anyone or fine anyone or throw anyone in jail for not complying.

But because there are a few who are not, they say that if they don’t do something, then others will violate the public health orders and that could cause those numbers that are now going down to go back up.


(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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