DeMaio Report: Kamala Harris’ Lenient Deal for Sexual Predator Bob Filner

After Supporting Kamala Harris for Attorney General, Disgraced San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Avoided Jail Time for Sexual Assault Crimes

Carl DeMaio is blasting Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris for giving a political ally a sweetheart plea deal in one of the worst cases involving a politician engaging in serial sexual harassment and assault against women.

“While she claims to supportive of the Me-Too Movement, Kamala Harris showed she was actually one of the biggest enablers of sexual misconduct when she rewarded a political ally accused of sexual assault with a sweetheart deal that not only allowed him to avoid jail time but also kept him from being registered as a sex offender,” said DeMaio.

In 2013 then-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) was accused by more than 30 women of sexual harassment and assault - including groping, forcible kissing, unwanted sexual advances, and assault. Local media even came up with the term “The Filner Headlock” to describe a pattern of Filner forcibly restraining a woman while kissing her and breathing into her ears from behind. 

Filner eventually resigned and pled guilty to numerous crimes including sexual battery and false imprisonment involving three women. 

Filner should have faced five years in prison, but the then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris granted him a plea deal requiring only three years of probation.

Filner had endorsed Harris in her race for Attorney General in 2010 and Harris returned the favor by supporting Filner in his race for Mayor in 2012.

“By giving a political ally a pass on the serious crime of serial sexual harassment and assault, Kamala Harris has proven she epitomizes the go-along, get along culture of the political swamp and will betray women who have been victimized by powerful men like Bob Filner,” DeMaio concluded.

**Photo Credit: Getty Images

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