County Coronavirus Cases Fall Below State Watch List

San Diego County reported Wednesday that the coronavirus case rate in the county has fallen below the rate that places a county on the state's monitoring list. That means some schools could be eligible to open by September 1st. Here are the latest numbers as of Wednesday from the county.

Case Rate:

  • The region’s state-calculated case rate is 94.1 for Aug. 12. This is below the metric of 100 cases per 100,000 people set by the state. This is the first time the case rate has been below 100 since the County was placed on the State’s County Monitoring List on July 3.
  • The County would need to report a case rate of 100 or below for three days to get off the State’s County Monitoring List and a case rate of 100 or below for an additional 14 days before schools grades 7th through 12th can reopen.
  • No other businesses can reopen after the 17 days unless the state provides further guidance.

Community Setting Outbreaks:

  • Two new outbreaks were confirmed on Aug. 11, one each in a grocery and manufacturing.
  • In the past seven days, 26 community outbreaks were confirmed.
  • The number of community outbreaks remains above the trigger of seven or more in seven days.
  • A community setting outbreak is defined as three or more COVID-19 cases in a setting and in people of different households in the past 14 days.   


  • 7,339 tests were reported to the County on Aug. 11. The number of laboratory-confirmed cases was 3%. 
  • The 14-day rolling average percentage of positive cases is 4.7%. Target is less than 8.0%.
  • The 7-day, daily average of tests is 8,413.


  • 236 new cases were reported in San Diego County for a total of 33,393.
  • 2,792 or 8.4% of cases have required hospitalization.
  • 696 or 2.1% of all cases and 24.9% of hospitalized cases had to be admitted to an intensive care unit.


  • Six new COVID-19 death were reported in San Diego County on Aug 11. The region’s total is now 608.
  • Five women and one man died between July 28 and Aug. 11, and their ages ranged from 66 to 96.
  • All had underlying medical conditions.


(Photo San Diego County Newscenter)

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