School Opening Countdown Underway; Waivers Granted to Some K-6th Schools

With San Diego County now off the state's COVID-19 monitoring list, some schools are expected to open soon.

This means that a 14-day countdown begins that would allow all K-12 schools to open their classrooms to in-person learning starting no sooner tyhan Tuesday, September 1st. But the county must remain off the state watch list for 14 days. The announcement follows six straight days of San Diego County public health officials reporting a case rate of fewer than 100 positive COVID-19 tests per 100,000 people.

Waivers Granted 19 Schools

As of Thursday morning, at least 19 San Diego-area schools had received approval of their request for a waiver for K-6th grade schools to open prior to the 14-day timetable. They are all private schools except for one school district, the small Rancho Santa Fe district. The state says schools granted waivers can’t reopen until at least two weeks after the date they applied for a waiver. The county received its first waiver applications early last week which would mean some schools with approved waivers would be able to reopen sometime next week.


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