The Unprecedented Wildfire Situation in California During Pandemic Year

In the unprecedented year of 2020, the fires in northern California combined with the record heat and the coronavirus pandemic and the state’s dwindling budget due to the shutdown-inspired economy, are being described as unprecedented.

The L-A times says many residents of the San Francisco Bay area say they’ve never seen such wildfire conditions.

As the Times puts it, the Bay area is “now besieged by fire, forcing tens of thousands to evacuate and leaving others inhaling air so smoky that experts warn of serious health risks.”

Governor Newsom put out the numbers in numbers at his latest briefing saying there are 23 major fires statewide.

Cal Fire officials say they’re struggling to keep up with all the fires, many the result of some 11,000 lightning strikes, far above what has been seen before.

No matter where you live in California, wildfires are always a possibility.They are a part of life in our state.

But this current situation in northern California should be a call to action if you’ve never taken the time to be prepared and do the things that local and state emergency officials always tell us to do; clearing brush, having emergency supplies on hand and having evacuation plan.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve had to deal with staying safe by staying at our homes. And now a lot of Californians are having to deal with the wildfires, by staying safe by evacuating their homes.


(Photo Getty Images)

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