Local Hero Facing The Fight Of His Life

Cameron Mason is a lifeguard for the San Diego Fire Department and a seasonal firefighter for the San Diego County Fire Authority. He has also been advancing his emergency medical training to obtain his paramedic license. Those who know him say "Cameron's purpose in life is to save lives."

After 13 years of putting his life on the line for others, Cameron learned that his own life is on the line. On Wednesday he was diagnosed with stage 2 thymoma, a cancer that has invaded space in Cameron's heart and lungs. His case is being reviewed to determine the best form of treatment, but it's safe to say that Cameron is facing the fight of his life.

To complicate matters further, his fiance Amanda is pregnant with the couple's first child, but she is unable to help care for Cameron because pregnancy complications require that she remain on bed rest.

Given the difficult situation this couple is facing, with neither being able to work and a very difficult treatment path laying ahead of Cameron (including surgeries, chemotherapy, and many months of recovery), they desperately need help. Amanda's sister has organized a GoFund.me page to help cover the couple's expenses over the next few months.

Read more about Cameron's story and if you can help this real-life hero in any way, please visit their GoFundMe page.

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