Making the Back to School Decision

The countdown to schools in San Diego County being able to open their classrooms for in person learning is underway.

For some private elementary schools in the county, the countdown ends next week when some that were granted waivers can begin having teachers and students in the classroom.

And if the daily coronavirus case rate can remain low, and the county can remain off the state’s watch list till the end of the month, all schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade can open.

But with the countdown toward schools opening, come the concerns of parents who have to make tough decisions for their kids.Some parents can’t wait to get their kids back in school, while others are a little nervous about it and there are others who favor distance learning for now and there are others who have even decided to home school for now.

Everyone agrees, including parents, teachers, and probably most kids, that learning in a classroom and in person means better learning. And the nation’s top health experts say there are ways to protect everyone.

And that’s why the county requires that any school that opens needs to have a plan to keep kids, teachers and staff as safe as possible from the virus and have a plan for what to do if one or more of the kids, teachers or staff get the virus.

Parents should feel comforted that the countywide rolling average of positive tests is now at just 4 percent and heading down. And like the schools, parents are wise to have a plan for what to do if their child is exposed to the virus which would mean quarantining for a couple of weeks.

There’s no one right answer for every parent. But every parent should make sure they know that their kids’ school is doing the things they need to do to keep their kids safe.And parents will do what they think is best for their kids, because that’s what parents do…with or without a virus hanging around.

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