What Staying Off the State Watch List Does Not Mean

One week to go. If San Diego County’s coronavirus case numbers remain where they are, for another week, until August 31st, then all schools will be allowed to open for in person classroom learning.

But opening the schools is not mandatory by staying of the watch list till August 31st. If schools want to open they can, but they don’t have to.

Some elementary schools in the county, mostly private, are opening this week, having been granted waivers by the county that only K-6th grade schools can get.But distance learning also is being offered.

And while all schools will be allowed to open September 1st, if the county can keep those virus numbers down for one more week, many schools plan to continue distance learning and not open their campuses yet.

There’s also something that staying off the state’s watch list through the end of August does not automatically mean.

It doesn’t mean that the ban on indoor dining and indoor operations at a variety of businesses and churches will automatically be removed. Lifting other coronavirus restrictions are not directly tied to the state watch list countdown like schools are.

Health officials have warned that opening too much too quickly could cause another surge in cases as there was after the July 4th weekend. And now with the Labor Day weekend just two weeks off, it could be that lifting other restrictions may not happen that quickly.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s patience and perseverance.

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(Photo credit Getty Images; Shopper wearing a face mask at the One Paseo outdoor shopping mall in San Diego.

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