Study: Why Tablets May Help Your Toddler Become a Smarter Teenager

A lot of kids are spending a lot more time than ever using tablets and other digital devices. And ironically, not necessarily because they want to.

They’re doing it because they have to…with all the distance learning going on.

Many kids already were spending a lot of time on their digital devices before the virus came around. And many parents have worried about them spending too much time on them.

And that’s why a new study may have come at the right time. The study found that all that screen time may actually help the attention of toddlers and help them be better learners.

In the study, toddlers who had used touchscreen devices more often were much faster at picking out objects.

The researchers say their study suggests that while some parents and experts may believe that spending time with digital devices is harmful to a child’s development, their findings show it may be the opposite.

They say the first few years of a child’s life are critical for them to develop the ability to focus their attention on relevant information and ignore distractions which are skills that are important for their later academic learning.

Now that doesn’t mean that letting your toddler spend too much time with a tablet is a great idea. In today’s over-saturated digital world, all parents have to decide what is best for their kids, whether their kids are toddlers or teenagers.


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