WATCH: A Mother's Words From Kenosha Wisconsin

Kenosha Wisconsin has become the latest city to see protests and now deadly violence following a shooting of a black man by police.

It’s happened in cities of all sizes and all backgrounds.Like La Mesa, where rioters damaged, looted and burned buildings back in May, Kenosha is a smaller city. Not that much bigger than La Mesa.

Having lived and worked there years ago, Kenosha is a city that is known for its history of being a place where thousands of immigrants from Italy, Poland, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe came and settled to begin a better life than they had where they had been.

Like so many of the millions of immigrants who have come to America over the years, they saw something special in our country, something they saw as different than other countries.

Our founder’s ideals that drew them to cities like Kenosha and thousands of others did not mean that everything was ideal.Despite the freedom to worship, speak and work in America, many of them were discriminated against and had to fight for their rights. And some still do.

But what has happened in Kenosha and what happened in La Mesa and what is happening in various cities, is not what any of the immigrants or any of those born here would want.

And the words from the mother of the man shot multiple times in the back by police with his three kids in the car are words that all should hear.You might expect angry words.Her son survived but is paralyzed and her grandkids were paralyzed having witnessed what happened.

Yet she said her son would not be happy to know that his shooting has led to violence in his city.And she said that even before her son was shot, she had been praying for our country to heal from what’s been happening.

And she says she’s still praying. And we all should be.

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