DeMaio Report: How Nancy Pelosi Could End Up as President in January 2021

Democrats are laying the groundwork with accusations of President Trump wanting to suppress the vote and steal the election because they see mail-in ballots as a way to make a Democrat President - even Nancy Pelosi

Could the Democrats’ demands for expanding the use of mail-in ballots create such turmoil in the outcome of the 2020 election that Nancy Pelosi becomes President?

Yes, according to the US Constitution there is a real path for the 2020 election to result in President Pelosi! The scenario is triggered if the Democrats force a delay in the certification of election results in and deprive a candidate of getting 270 certified Electoral Votes. 

The keys to Democrats executing this plan involves mail-in ballots and lawsuits.

As Californians know all too well, mail-in ballots take far longer to process than regular ballots. In California it can take up to 30 days to count all the ballots. 

“I’ll make this prediction now: because of the massive expansion in mail-in ballots being forced by the Democrats, you are not going to know who’s President on November 3rd,” Carl DeMaio said. “The Democrats are not just trying to get all these mail-in ballots for the idea that maybe we can scoop up a bunch of illegal ballots and win that way,” DeMaio noted. “They are trying to lay the groundwork for endless delays that could stop the certification of a Trump win,” DeMaio concluded. 

If the Electoral College cannot be tallied and verified by the House and Senate by early January, the House of Representatives and the Senate gets to decide who will become our next President and Vice President. If the Democrats can play all of their cards perfectly, they could cause a massive delay and deadlock Congress and that it would actually end up putting the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, legally into the Presidency!

Sound far fetched? Well, this very method has played out before in American history. DeMaio states that “this is a very real possibility. The Democrats have already shown it. They’ve impeached President Trump, based on trumped up charges… phony charges. These are people who are so venomous and militant and they have Trump derangement syndrome and they know the media will give them a pass.”

“I believe based on the 2016 election and how close things were, that the Democrats will not accept the results of the 2020 election. It is going to be a national nightmare. They know with these mail-in ballots, what we know in California, the election is not over on election night,” DeMaio concluded.

“I’ve seen Carl’s math on this and he’s right - it is a real possibility,” noted Lou Penrose.

Click the link below and listen to all the ways mail-in ballots could put Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in charge.

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DeMaio Report_How Nancy Pelosi Could End Up As President

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