Searching for Ways to be Less Anxious During Pandemic

As we begin yet another week of the pandemic, there are continuing signs that Americans are not feeling any less anxious about it.

A new study is out about anxiety since the pandemic began back in early March.

The study by some U-C San Diego researchers and published in the Journal of the AMA describes the surge in people seeking help for panic attacks over the past few months.

Of course when you’re anxious, even during normal times, it’s not uncommon to do more google searches about being anxious.

And there is a lot that people are anxious about these days. I short it comes down to the three P words; the pandemic, the protests and the politics.

And every day there is a lot of news about all three.And we battle with ourselves about how to deal with all the news.Sometimes we’re anxious to watch the news. But then we get too anxious watching it.

And we talk about all of it a lot too with friends and family and coworkers, to share feelings or get things off our chest, but sometimes talking too much about it can make us anxious.

So what do we do about all this anxiety? There are things we can do, and if you do a Google search under health, faith and family, you’ll find some. Just don’t get anxious about it.

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