The Pandemic Question About Time

Too quickly or too slowly? That's the question as we reach another new month during the pandemic.

The debate over the reopening of schools and businesses is spreading almost like a virus with San Diego County given the okay by the state last week to move into the less restrictive color coded category when it comes to COVID restrictions.

You’ve heard the differences of opinion among families, between friends and at the workplace.

The debate is even more noticeable now among San Diego County Supervisors with Jim Desmond leading the charge even more now to open up more businesses and to move faster to prevent small business owners from going out of business. And with Nathan Fletcher heading up the other point of view urging a slower approach to prevent more spread of the virus.

And as of today, all schools, K-12, in the county can open their classrooms and some elementary schools that got exemptions already have.

Not all schools are planning to reopen soon though. San Diego and most of the public school districts have plans to stay with distance learning into at least early October.

And just like the difference of opinion among those county supervisors, there are differences of opinion among parents of school kids and customers of local businesses.

But the one thing County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten would want everyone to agree on, is to do what most of us have been doing for months now, wearing a mask, physically distancing and washing our hands a lot. Because that will help even if some re-openings are too slow or too fast.


(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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