How to Keep Hope Alive During Pandemic

Labor Day is behind us but it is clear the time of fall this year is going to be different than any fall before.

While a few number of classrooms are reopened, most schools remain physically closed with distance learning to continue for a while.

San Diego State would normally be filled with tens of thousands of students on campus but instead student housing is on lockdown.

Many who have been working from home for months may continue to work at home for longer.

Few events are likely this fall, from small parties to huge conventions.

And because there are too many who continue to get together in large groups at times and don’t wear face coverings, health officials will continue to push us all to do all we can to keep the number of coronavirus cases from rising again and pushing us back into re-closings after the recent re-openings.

But there are hopeful signs that the latter part of the fall will bring some hopeful news and a possible vaccine by the end of the year.There are also hopeful signs that the continued advancements in the treatment the COVID disease will continue.

With Labor Day often seen as a time when we get a fresh start, getting through the fall may take a fresh approach by re-committing to following the preventive guidelines and by re-energizing an attitude of hope that can go a long way to making every day a more hopeful day.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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