How to Be Happier and Healthier During the Pandemic

It may not be a startling discovery but as we go through the daily stress and tension of the pandemic together it’s important.

A new study has found that doing acts of kindness for others not only make those receiving the help feel better, but they also improve the giver’s health too.

The researchers say they found kind behavior involving doing something for others, those random acts of kindness, helps your mental and physical health.

They looked at some 200 independent studies involving nearly 200 thousand people and found that there is a link between good deeds and good health.

One of the study’s authors says more than a quarter of Americans volunteer and while not a majority, it can still have a significant impact on society because it means a lot of people are participating in the behavior.

And the study also found evidence that when it comes to happiness, there is a strong connection between kindness and the ability to find meaning in your life.

And right now, with all the anxiety and depression about when the pandemic will end and when the economy will improve, finding ways to bring more happiness into your life and the lives of others sounds like a great idea.


(Photo Getty Images)

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