Finding the Cure We Really Need

Everyone is wondering what’s going on. And it happens every day.

With all eyes on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting today, members are expected to be all ears and there will be a lot of attention to what happens.

As we’ve been reporting, Supervisor Jim Desmond, who has led the charge over the last few months to have fewer COVID restrictions on businesses, is now leading an effort to inundate today’s board meeting with phoned in testimony pushing for just that.

The effort is getting even more attention because of the more than 600 coronavirus cases among San Diego State University students in three weeks and how those cases could affect the county’s reopening status on the state’s new tiered system.

And there’s the mixed messages out there about when a vaccine for this virus will be available with President Trump saying it could be coming in a matter of weeks, while the top infectious disease guy, Dr. Fauci, says it will be months.

And then there’s the stalled negotiations in Congress for a second coronavirus economic relief bill, which both political parties agree is needed but can’t agree on what it should be.

No wonder so many people are not sure what is happening and what will or will not happen.In this age of COVID mixing with politics, we could use a vaccine that cures that disease.

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