Why It's a Good Time to Make Up Your Mind

Seven weeks from today, we will wake up to the results of the November 3rd election.

But we’ve already been hearing for many weeks, the morning after the election is expected to be different than usual, just like it seems everything else is different than usual in 2020.

With mail ballots being used more than they already are, and in some states like California where mail ballots have been used for years, even more will be used in this election, thanks to the COVID pandemic.

Election officials from San Diego California to Salem Massachusetts, started planning months ago for a different election day to make it easier for people who want to avoid crowds of people at polling places.

There will be fewer polling places but they will be set up in large venues with lots of physical distancing.

But whether you plan to vote by mail or at one of those election centers, it’s a good time now to plan who and what you plan to vote for.

With President Trump and Vice President Biden’s individual TV town hall broadcasts this week, and their formal debates starting later this month, you will have to time, if you haven’t made up your mind, to make up your mind well before the election.

Our public servants who run the elections are hoping voters vote earlier than usual to avoid the mail ballot crunch through the postal service just before November 3rd.

If voters do, then maybe the morning of November 4th, will be more like the old normal even in an abnormal year.


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