Rooting for Victory in County's Fight With State

San Diego State University finds itself in the news a lot lately and it’s hard not to notice.

And it’s not just about the Aztec football team having to play their games for a couple of years some 100 miles away and hoping fans will drive to Carson to root them on. Now the state-owned school is at the center of a dispute between the state and the county.

Despite its decision to move to distance learning and ordering mandatory testing of students, the impact of the surge in coronavirus cases among SDSU students since the start of the Fall semester could force the county to move down a notch in the state’s new color coded system of restrictions that determine if businesses can operate indoors or even operate at all.

The county's supervisors are meeting today to talk about what to do now that Governor Newsom and his Health and Human Services Secretary have said no to a request from the county not to include the student case numbers in the state’s calculations.

Meantime, thousands of businesses, from gyms to restaurants to churches are waiting anxiously to see if what they were able to reopen last month has to be closed this month.

The chief economist for the local association of governments already suggested this week that businesses are going to have a hard time if that happens…with many not surviving.

And everyone, at San Diego State and anywhere in San Diego County, is rooting for that not to happen!

(Photo Getty Images)

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