Instagram Model Who Dressed As Catwoman Jailed For Masked Burglaries

An Instagram model who made a name for herself dressing as Catwoman is now in jail for attempting to become a cat burglar. Monique Agostino, 25, was arrested for crimes including masked burglary and shoplifting. According to, the Australian influencer had been a modeling entrepreneur and a real estate agent, but two years ago, she and some teen boys commited burglaries in Sydney. While wearing masks, she and the teens broke open doors to businesses with a chisel and stole upwards of $300 and a credit card from one cafe. She then allegedly used the card to buy $11.55 worth of food at McDonald's. Two weeks later, she broke into a bakery and grabbed $1,000.

Much of her criminal activity was caught on security cameras and she was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for the burglaries, but also for carrying a knife into a Target store, possession of crystal meth, and shoplifting a $90 jacket. She appealed the sentence, claiming it was too severe, and was released on bail earlier in the year while awaiting her appeal hearing, but before her court appearance in July, police stopped Agostino and learned she had an outstanding warrant for violating her bail conditions. Her appeal was pushed to August 26, but she didn't show up in court and a new warrant was issued. Police arrested her on September 5 and this week, she stood before a judge.

Agostino's lawyer pleaded with the judge to reinstate the appeal, calling his client's offenses "amateur hour" and noting "they were always going to get caught." The judge then sentenced Monique to a maximum 12 months with a six-month non-parole period at a tough women's prison, however, with time served, Agostino will be out next month.

Photo: Getty Images