How Not to the Let the Times Make You Disagreeable

With less than 6 weeks now before the election, you notice just how disagreeable and even angry a lot of people are?

Turn on the TV and you see Democrats who are angry about Republicans and Republicans who are angry about Democrats.

You see face mask wearers ticked off at non face mask wearers and the face mask vice versa.

You see many business owners trying to stay in business not happy with the Governor’s reopening rules.And a lot of parents not happy with their school districts because schools are not opened and not happy with distance learning.

And you see the angry protests going on over important racial issues and the protests by other angry protesters about the angry protests.

And of course virtually everyone is not happy about the coronavirus pandemic, now 7 months old, and unhappy that it won’t be over for a too long while.

And yes these days, it’s easy to let yourself become disagreeable and let conversations become arguments, even among good friends and family members.

So what do we do about it? A couple of Proverbs remind us that “harsh words stir up anger” and that “one slow to anger calms strife.” And maybe it’s as simple as just deciding not to be disagreeable even during disagreeable times.

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