Why Politicians Do What They Do

You may be among many of those who wonder why someone decides to run for political office.

Having to go through what you have to go through, it’s not hard to understand why most people don’t run for political office.

Most of us don’t do it because most of us are not at all interested in all the time it takes away from your family and personal life, but there’s also all the scrutiny not only on your positions on the issues but also the scrutiny you face on everything you’ve ever done and ever said.

So what makes a person run for political office? Why do they do it? Many do it because they want things changed and they think they are the ones who can change it.

A new study may be self-evident but the researchers say that people who run for political office often have a narcissistic personality.

They describe narcissism as personality trait which combines an interest in themselves, a feeling of entitlement, and a need for admiration.

The researchers say they found that individuals displaying higher levels of narcissism are more likely to want their voices heard in the political arena and take a more active role in politics.

Being a politician who is narcissistic doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t get things done, because they have and they do. But many of them need lots of admiration to keep them going.

READ the study.

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