The Business Backlash to Bleak Shutdown News

It looks like this month of December could be worse for business owners than they even expected.

The new stay at home orders announced by Governor Newsom, which are likely to go into effect within days, will last beyond Christmas and possibly into next month.

For business owners, already having had to deal with a year that has forced many to lay off employees and in some cases go out of business, now face the prospect of a very difficult time this month and into the new year.

As one business owner put it to the San Diego Union Tribune:

“I don’t know how much more some of us…can take….we’re tired.”

County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who has been a strong critic of the governor, is not happy because the new order, saying it once again hurts business owners which of course hurts employees.

California’s public health officials say it’s the only way to slow what has become the worst surge of COVID cases so far and the only way to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

After nearly nine months since the first stay at home shutdown in March, a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed, that’s for sure.

The governor in his announcement described it as “the most challenging moment since the beginning of this pandemic.”

The good news for business owners and all of us during what will be a tough holiday season is that the vaccines are coming. But for now and maybe for a few months yet, we are faced with having to each do what we can to protect ourselves and others.


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