Suspect in Standoff Shot and Killed by Police SWAT Team

A standoff between police and a man suspected in two shootings ended Tuesday morning when he was shot and killed by police SWAT officers.

San Diego Police confirm 36-year-old Christopher Marquez, who was seen carrying a rifle, was shot and killed by two SWAT officers killed after a standoff that began Monday night. SWAT officers opened fire after the woman began screaming and Marquez was seen pushing her to the ground. Police say the woman was not injured. The standoff began after Marquez led U.S. marshals and other officers on a chase Monday night from National City to the campus of San Diego High School in the city's downtown area, exchanging gunfire with officers. Marquez and the woman ran and hid in a dumpster. Police spent the night trying to get them to come out. The high school and at least two other nearby schools had to cancel classes for the day.

Police say he was being pursued within National City police’s jurisdiction at around 8:30 p.m. Monday when he reportedly fired at officers. Officials say police officers returned fire during the vehicle pursuit. The chase came to an end when the vehicle stopped on the campus of San Diego High School. Authorities say Marquez and the woman, who police say was not considered a hostage, got into a dumpster together as authorities and a SWAT team converged on the scene.

Marquez was wanted in connection with the shooting of a bounty hunter in Chula Vista in mid-March. He is also suspected of opening fire at National City police officers during a traffic stop outside of at a Jack in the Box restaurant earlier this month

School Buildings Shutdown

San Diego Unified School District officials said classes at San Diego High, East Village Middle College High School, and Garfield High School were moved online on Tuesday due to the law enforcement response. Officials added any events and activities on the respective campuses were canceled for the day.

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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