County Reports Big Spike in COVID-19 Cases, Says Get Vaccinated Now

The number of new cases of the coronavirus in San Diego County reported in one day has reached the highest it has been since early February.

The county's health agency says there were 1,264 new cases reported, the largest biggest single-day total since Feb. 5 when the winter surge was still filling local hospitals.

Public health officials are strongly urging the 556,305 people who are 12 years old or more who remain unvaccinated to get their shots now as the significantly more transmissible Delta variant of the virus has led to a fourth wave of infections nationwide. The county says an additional 150,000 who should receive second shots have not yet got them and having only one shot is only 30-percent effective against the virus and leaves them exposed to the Delta-virus threat. The variant was first detected in India and has been shown to resist immunity levels conferred by single doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The increase in cases is not a single-day phenomenon, but part of a larger trend in recent weeks. In the 30 days between June 21 and July 20, 6,572 San Diegans tested positive for COVID-19. Of that group, 11 percent were fully vaccinated, while 89 percent were not.

Community outbreaks, hospitalizations and ICU admissions are also up dramatically. The County says that with an additional two community outbreaks Friday, it brings the total number of outbreaks in the last seven days to 25. One month ago, on June 23, only five community outbreaks were reported. The County says the significant spike in cases means people who are not vaccinated should get the vaccine now.

San Diego County Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher on Friday issued this statement: "We are facing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. A vast majority of the increase in cases are from those who are unvaccinated and they account for nearly all of the hospitalizations. The way to slow the increase and protect yourself is to trust your doctor and get a vaccine."


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