Doorbell Camera Films Deadly Mountain Lion Fight In California Neighborhood

Residents in a Belmont, California neighborhood witnessed a frightening scene of nature early Wednesday morning (January 19).

According to KTVU, a deadly fight between two mountain lions along Hastings Drive was captured on a resident's security camera. The incident happened around 2:00 A.M.

A doorbell camera managed to pick up the growls and roars during the deadly fight. Eventually, one mountain lion can be seen dragging its kill across the street to a neighbor's doorstep.

Belmont Police urged residents to stay cautious following the incident.

And while California Fish and Wildlife said they found no direct evidence that the surviving mountain lion is a threat to humans, residents in the neighborhood are being advised to not leave their pets or small children unattended outside.

"It’s kind of just mountain lions being mountain lions," Tiffany Yap, a wildlife expert at the Center for Biological Diversity told KTVU. "It is a common occurrence for mountain lions to kill each other over territory. I think sometimes it becomes a greater occurrence when they are boxed in and their habitat is limited, and so with a lot of habitat loss and fragmentation we might see it a little bit more."

The department also suggests homeowners remove any sources of food or water that could attract deer since they are common prey for mountain lions.

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