News Now Trending - Friday, February 18

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Friday, February 18, 2022.


·‘There is no end date.’ Newsom’s new COVID-19 plan looks to balance hope and reality

·States Craft Their COVID Exit Strategies

·Liberal pundits running for cover even as many Dems face facts and drop masks

·New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Abruptly Drops Mask Mandates

·One Key Fact Shows Democrats Aren't 'Following The Science' When They Drop Mandates

·America’s return-to-office could mean yet another round of resignations

·58% Say Jobs Are Main Source of Mental Health Woes


·Police launch operation to clear streets, begin arresting 'Freedom Convoy' demonstrators in Ottawa

·Canadian cops arrest leaders of 'freedom convoy' protest

·Police Send Banks Names Of 'Freedom Convoy' Protesters, Accounts Frozen

·GOP’s embrace of Canadian truckers shows ‘freedom’ still party rallying cry


·The Media Couldn't Stop Calling Them 'Heroes.' Then The Vaccine Mandates Came

·LA sheriff rips push to fire 4,000 unvaccinated deputies amid crime wave: 'Immoral position'


·Hate crimes hit records in many cities, emphasizing need for community resilience

·Mayor Gloria has long eyed demilitarizing police, not defunding it

·Southern California man arrested 3 times in one day


·Gov. Gavin Newsom to announce new California gun control measures

·America’s Bald Eagle Population Faces Threat From Lead Poisoning, Study Shows

·Gun safety groups denounce a new AR-15 marketed to kids

·Sandy Hook settlement is a win for gun control advocates

·Activist who allegedly shot at Kentucky mayoral hopeful called for gun control in 2018


·DOJ to investigate companies exploiting supply chain snafus

·Ban on avocados from Mexico could be bruising, longer it goes on

·Guacamole's Days Numbered at Restaurants

·Ship Carrying 1,100 Porsches, Other Luxury Cars Burning and Adrift


·Ukraine's east sees worst shelling in years as estimate of Russia forces grows

·U.S. Says 190,000 Russian Troops Now in and Around Ukraine

·Journalists On The Ground Reveal How American Media Is Botching Coverage Of Russia

·Biden Ends Speech By Saying He Has To Return To DC Because Of 'Little Thing Going On In Europe'


·Teachers Unions Ramped up The Donations To Dems As They Pushed Their School Closing Policies

·Republican Governor To Veto School Choice Bill After Taking $75,000 From Teachers Union

·North Carolina dad goes viral for anti-CRT school board speech: 'Parents are taking back the wheel'


·Famous Sports Reporter Says It Breaks Her Heart Her 'Kids Are Being Taught That Skin Color Matters'

·'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston laments his 'white blindness'

·WaPo Stealth Edits Article Comparing Justice Clarence Thomas To A 'White Conservative'

·Amazon suspends Black Lives Matter from its charity platform

·BLM hires Clinton aide who paid for Steele dossier to sort shady finances

·Team USA World Champion: We could be witnessing the end of women's sports

· 'Only Two Sexes' — Rep. Chip Roy To Introduce Legislation That Would Make Passports Have 2 Gender Options


·Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova upset over silver-medal finish: 'I hate this sport'

·Treatment of Kamila Valieva shows why age limit for figure skaters should be raised

·Olympic great breaks down over teen skater's doping controversy

·Elana Meyers Taylor named US flag bearer for closing ceremony


·Kelly Clarkson files to legally change her name to Kelly Brianne

·15-Year-Old TikTok Star's Father Kills 'Stalker' Who Blasted Front Door with a Shotgun

·Brad Pitt Sues Angelina Jolie...You Secretly Sold Winery To Russian Oligarch!!!

·Olivia Rodrigo and boyfriend break up after less than a year

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