News Now Trending - Wednesday, February 23

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.


·U.S. Warns Ukraine of Full-Scale Russian Invasion Within 48 Hours

·Russian Navy Cruisers Positioned to Counter U.S., French and Italian Carrier Groups in the Mediterranean

·Ukraine To Enter State Of Emergency

·US ambassador warns UN Russia's colonial ambitions threaten every member state

·Chinese media accidentally post CCP's Ukraine-Russia coverage rules

·Half of Russians say it would be right to use military force to keep Ukraine out of NATO

·The missiles Russia is launching in its alarming drills

·China says Taiwan is 'not Ukraine' as island raises alert level


·Trump's Russia comments are shocking even by Trump standards

·MSNBC contributor puts blame on Trump for Russia-Ukraine crisis

·CNN's Kasie Hunt suggests House Republicans are 'the enemy' for criticizing Biden during Russia-Ukraine crisis

·CBS News Dragged For Suddenly Blaming Biden's Supply Crisis On Russia

·Americans have been trained to hate Putin, and will suffer because of it

·Biden Spent Years Talking About Russia. His Comments Are Aging Poorly


·The Coming Energy Shock

Gas Climbs Over $6 Gallon in Los Angeles

·Stocks could face steeper setback if Russia-Ukraine conflict escalates

·In the rest of Europe, fears of a new Cold War-style era grow


·1,000 trucks begin protest drive from California to DC

·Leader Of Trucker Convoy To DC Has A Message For Biden: ‘End The Mandates’

·Pentagon approves National Guard deployment ahead of DC trucker convoy

·House Democrat Wants Government To Seize And Redistribute Truckers' Vehicles

·Americans say they back US truck convoy – with conditions


·Covid infections plummet 90% from U.S. pandemic high, states lift mask mandates

·Dr. Nesheiwat rips ‘The View’ hosts over ‘ridiculous’ commentary on Queen Elizabeth's COVID diagnosis

·Chicago will drop mask and proof-of-vaccine mandates at the end of the month; Cook County follows suit

·'You Can't Stay Home All Day In Your Pajamas': NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls Out Remote Work

·Your delivery orders are making restaurants mad. Now they're fighting back


·San Francisco school board recall prompts media reckoning over woke weariness: 'Progressivism gone wild'

·Dems Propose ‘Advisory Council’ To Collect Data On Homeschoolers

·Bay Area teacher who gave kids protesting Parkland Fs sues school


·San Diego home prices up 26% in a year, key housing index says

·Northern California home made from hay hits market for $375,000

·Thursday’s homeless count could confirm perceived increase of people on streets

·From coast to mountains, San Diego will likely see coldest night of winter on Wednesday


·Prosecutors’ Union In Landslide Vote Says Soros-Backed Los Angeles DA Should Be Recalled

·Assemblyman Kiley’s Bill to ‘Make Crime Illegal Again’ Finally Scheduled for Hearing

·Twins shoot restaurant worker in face over $3 hamburger

·Woman Goes Crazy In A Jack In The Box Demanding Extra Ranch In Insane Viral Video


·6 In 10 'Couldn't Cope' Without Phone For More Than Day

·1 In 8 Suffer Anxiety From Low Battery

·Your old iPhone could be worth over $24K

·Apple Exploring 20-Inch All-Screen Foldable MacBook, But Foldable iPhone Delayed Until 2025

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