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Top news stories trending in San Diego on Monday, February 28, 2022.

Gavin Newsom lifts mask mandate for most situations on March 1, and in schools and childcare facilities on March 12.


·Ukraine's second-largest city bombarded with shelling as officials hold talks

·US hits Russia with another blow intended to CRIPPLE their economy

·Heartbreaking scenes at Ukraine border sees thousands of kids separated from dads

·Ukrainian chef turns his restaurant into bomb shelter to feed civilians fighting Russian forces

·CNN correspondent discovers he is crouching by grenade while on air

·'Show this to Putin': 6-year-old girl killed by Russian shelling

·Ukrainian sailor sinks Russian boss' $7.7 million luxury superyacht

·Ukrainian Man Mocks Russian Soldiers After Their Tank Runs Out Of Gas, Offers To Tow Them Back To Russia

·Videos show Ukrainian officials parade captured Russian troops

·NKorea Resumes Missile Tests as Global Tensions Mount


·'Why do we need the world, if Russia won't be in it?' Putin's 'propagandist-in-chief' threatens the West with nuclear destruction as he boasts Moscow's subs 'can shoot more than 500 warheads' 

·Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert, escalating tensions

·Even Putin's generals look stunned after being ordered to put nuke forces on 'alert'

·Putin faces growing unrest in Russia along with stiff resistance in Ukraine

·Putin painted into a corner as world leaders, major companies and even some of his people turn against him


·Putin sends militia into Kyiv to assassinate Zelensky

·'I Need Ammunition, Not A Ride': Zelenskyy Rejects US Offer To Evacuate, Will Stay And Fight Russia

·How Zelensky changed the West's response to Russia

·Fans are already casting Jeremy Renner as Ukraine prez in fantasy invasion film


·TX gov asks retailers to remove Russian products

·In U-turn, Germany Ups Military Spending, Arms Ukraine

·Elon Musk says SpaceX will save ISS after Russia threatens to drop it from orbit

·Ban EVERY Russian athlete from EVERY sport NOW! The International Olympic Committee 

·tell all sporting competitions to remove Russia's stars, as FIFA prepare to kick them out of World Cup qualifying

·Russian porn stars now banned from OnlyFans amid invasion of Ukraine

·Hollywood pays tribute to Ukraine, President Zelenskyy amid Russian invasion during SAG Awards

·Russian Tennis Star Shows No Fear As He Sends Message To Putin After Match In Dubai

·Psaki Asked To Name One Thing US Has Done That’s Helped Ukraine

·Biden sends former top defense officials to Taiwan in show of support


·Biden administration is mocked for updating its nuclear attack guidelines to include SOCIAL DISTANCING and mask wearing as Russia readies its missiles after Ukraine invasion

·State Department Warns Americans Not To Visit Ukraine Because Of COVID-19

·Urgent action needed to address climate change’s catastrophic threats, U.N. report warns

·A pandemic spent in isolation may have driven Putin mad


·Pandemic fears are fading along with omicron: AP-NORC poll

·House nixing mask rule ahead of State of Union

·Pfizer Shot Is Far Less Effective in 5- to 11-Year-Olds, New Data Show

·California schools aren’t waiting for Newsom to lift mask mandate. Will state crack down?

·Texas Teachers Unions Spend Big In Republican Primaries For State Legislature


·Biden wanted to use the State of the Union speech to pivot to his agenda. Then Russia started a land war.

·GOP lawmakers predict what's in Biden's State of the Union address: 'Probably torn up the draft they had'

·On cusp of Biden speech, state of disunity, funk and peril

·Ring of steel goes back up at the Capitol: Fencing is erected and 700 National Guard troops are deployed for Biden's State of the Union address tomorrow amid fears Truckers Convoy is heading to Washington DC 


·Biden admin dismisses calls to increase oil production at home as prices soar

·Democrats, Environmentalists Stay Silent On Energy Independence

·Self-Driving Trucks Start to Propel Land Rush Near Major Cities


·Guns, radicalization and father's alleged threat: First Jan. 6 trial set to begin

·Barr Urges Party to Move On From The Don

·Stacey Abrams on not conceding Georgia loss: We should be allowed to 'legitimately question' systems


·Pattinson suits up for macabre new 'BATMAN'

·'The Batman' review: Bland and forgettable new caped crusader film


·'The Office' recipe for 'Kevin's Famous Chili' found inside Peacock agreement

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