News Now Trending - Monday, April 4

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Monday, April 4, 2022.


·Sacramento Shooting: Police say 6 adults killed, 12 others shot downtown; Search for multiple shooters

·SHOCK: Bodies of four people killed in Sacramento bar-fight shooting still lying on street 15 hours later

·Pop duo reveals they 'took cover' during deadly mass shooting

·Sacramento mass shooting supercharges crime debate

·Biden uses Sacramento shooting to push gun control agenda: 'We must do more than mourn; we must act'

·California has toughest U.S. gun laws. After Sacramento shooting, what else can lawmakers do?

·TSA finds firearm in anti-gun California lawmaker's luggage

·California won't require parents with guns to tell schools


·Chicago alderman says crime has 'taken over' city: 'We're the land of the lost'

·‘Refunding’ police isn’t working in California or anywhere else

·CA Police Data Shows ‘Tough-on-Crime’ Counties Experience Higher Crime


·More secret flights from the border are coming soon to a town near you

·Arizona border sector sees 579% spike in migrant encounters over last fiscal year as crisis worsens

·Sen. Hagerty, during southern border visit, says US is facing 'a crisis beyond measure' as numbers rise

·Cancun Tourist Idyll Shattered by Drug Violence and Homicides


·Biden calls to put Putin on trial for war crimes over Russia killings in Ukraine

·Russian Retreat Reveals Mass Graves, Evidence Of Possible War Crimes

·US demands Russia's removal from top UN body as horrific images of Putin's atrocities emerge

·Swastika scratched on corpse of rape victim

·Man risks his life to rescue animals from bombed zoo

·New York Times columnist says Ukraine conflict is the first ‘real’ World War our planet has experienced

·SHOWBIZ: Zelensky makes surprise Grammys appearance


·Grammys opens with slap at Will Smith and Chris Rock controversy

·Louis C.K.’s Grammy win sparks backlash amid Will Smith slap at Oscars: ‘So much for cancel culture’

·A Bathroom Break Almost Got Between Doja Cat And Her Grammy Award

·Cardi B skips Grammys, deletes Twitter after backlash for not attending: ‘If you bring up my son, I hate you’

·Lil Nas X shocks Grammys with penis grabs, touts 'sex with a stranger

·Grammy Ratings Crash To New Historic Low


·With Inflation Not Letting Up, Shoppers Cut Back on Staples

·SURVEY: 3 In 5 Wake Up Thinking About Finances

·STUDY: Poor Sleep Linked To More Belly Fat

·Biden's War On Drilling Likely To Hurt Key Conservation Efforts


·‘Superblooms of fungus’: Climate change is making valley fever worse

·San Diego will hit 90 degrees this week while inland areas approach 100

·UN report shows there are viable solutions for the climate crisis. Here are the key takeaways

·Feral pigs are biological time bombs. Can California stem their ‘exponential’ damage?


·Elon Musk Takes 9.2% Stake in Twitter After Hinting at Shake-Up

·Roger Stone Claims Being Censored on Trump 'Free-Speech' App

·Two key execs quit Trump's social media app: report


·Secret Service renting $30K 'resort-style' Malibu pad to protect Hunter: report

·Throwing Hunter Biden under the bus won’t be enough to clear Joe

·Former governor slams liberal media over Hunter Biden laptop scandal

·Stop Pretending All Political Families Are Off Limits | Time


·Biden Says Michelle Obama Was Vice President During Speech

·Key Kamala Harris aide resigns as flurry of staffers quit

·Biden Declares Murdoch 'most Dangerous Man In World'


·It's Spring Break West Coast-Style: Santa Barbara EMS 'overwhelmed' by 'Deltopia' mayhem as THOUSANDS pack the streets around UC party school after two-year hiatus due to Covid

·Government-mandated COVID lockdowns sparked severe health crisis among teens as teachers' unions pushed policy

·Public returns to San Diego City Council meetings April 11 after 2-year absence

·The Countries That Locked Down The Hardest Are Now Being Decimated By COVID-19

·Coronavirus cases are spiking elsewhere. Will L.A. County be hit hard or be spared?

·China Orders Mass Killing Of Pets Belonging To COVID-19 Patients: REPORT

·San Diego to vote on new eviction moratorium. Here’s what it means for renters and landlords

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