San Diego Native Up for Marine Corps Female Athlete of the Year

A Marine who is a San Diego native becomes Camp Pendleton Female Athlete of the Year.

1st Lieutenant Riley Compton was born in San Diego, raised in Indiana and has always been into athletics, according to Steve Smith with our reporting partner 10 News, having played college softball at George Washington University. She said, "Athletics and doing well academically were always what I was comprised of."

Following college, Compton joined the Marine Corps and has been on active duty as a logistics officer for three years. Now while her goal is to make a career in the military, she still carries with her a passion for athletics. The award involved her athletic accomplishments on the base.

Compton has become a bobsledder and competed in the United States and Europe with team U.S.A. She says her goal is to make the U.S. Olympic team in 2026.

She says her ultimate goal is to empower women in sport as well as life. "In bobsled, when the sport originated, it was male-dominated. I want to continue talking about this, that women can be in male-dominated roles, which include sport and the military, and we don't have to always do what society tells us we have to do."

Compton is also now up for the Marine Corps' overall female athlete of the year.

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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